Welcome to our Inspiration pages .

This section of the site is for all of your writings that have been inspired by David.

If you would like to share any of your writings on these pages then please contact us and we will be pleased to include them.

Jane Charnock's dad, Archie, has written this brilliantly funny poem. Many thanks, Archie.

Click here to read Karen's fabulous description of that memorable day when David appeared on the Graham Norton show. Thanks Karen.

Kirsten wants to share this with us all.
"I just thought I would share the photo of my son, Lasse. I think it is a cute and funny story. Later this month he will perform 'I woke up in love this morning' in his nursery school. I can't wait. His grand mom has made three shirts for him: a shining blue and a shining black. He loves them. Perhaps some of the other fans also have an "everyday" DC-related story to tell when they read about Lasse."

Dorothy has written this touching poem that expresses her feelings about David. Thankyou for sharing it with us Dorothy.

Joanne has created this lovely DC collage called "Summer Days" and has kindly let us share it.

Here is the first contribution we received to our new Inspiration pages, written by our good friend, Suefrom73. Thankyou for this great article Sue.