This is the part of the site that is purely for memorabilia from the Seventies or Eighties.

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Sharon has kindly let us share these superb photographs of David taken during the 1985 UK tour. Many thanks, Sharon.

Here are some great 80s concert photos of David, sent to us by Julie Parton. Thanks Julie !

Here are some great 70s concert photos of David, sent to us by Joanne. Thanks Joanne !

Lesley Morley has sent us even more of her Memorabilia collection. Click here to see her second slideshow.

Here is a small selection of the lovely magazine pictures that adorned Margaret's bedroom walls in the 70s.

Lesley Morley has allowed us to share her Memorabilia collection. Click here to see the slideshow.

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Lynn from Fife has kindly sent us some brilliant pictures of David in concert from the 80's. Click here to see them.

Click here to see a great selection of photographs from Sandra's personal collection.

Carol has kindly let us show these awesome pictures of David taken back in the 70's. Thanks Carol.

Rachel has kept some brilliant pictures of her bedroom from the 70's. Click here to see Rachel's memorabilia page.

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Here are some photo's from Shawfield, Glasgow and White City, London in 1974. Even though the quality is poor ( what would you expect from excited 16 year olds, using 70's cheap photographic technology ? !!) maybe it'll bring back some memories, and you may even recognise some of the fans in the photos.

Shawfield stadium, Glasgow - Friday 24th May 1974.

White City stadium, London - Sunday 26th May 1974.