Welcome to the Rogues Gallery.

This section of the site is for all of your photos and stories from those DC get togethers.

If you would like to share any of your pictures on these pages then please contact us and we will be pleased to include them.

WARNING - NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED ... here's some very rogueish behaviour indeed at Les's raucous 50th birthday bash ... after you with the Alka Seltzer !
... and now more evidence of the bad behaviour with these photos from Les, these from Di, these from Pam and these photos from Val.

Here's our very youngest rogue. Congratulations to Gemma and Neil ( and Les and Joe ) on the birth of beautiful Mia.

Even Blackpool was rocked by the party spirit of the DC girls. Thanks to Les for this chronicle of events.

August 2005, and the DCFTAN gang hit Chester once again.Here are Jackie's photos from that brilliant day, and these are Les's photos. Many thanks !

Those poor people of Chester had to put up with yet another DC fans meeting, and here are Les's photos from that great day in April ... and here are more great photos from that day in Chester. Thanks to Terena for these !
... here are more great photos from the Chester meet, these are from Di and here are Val's pics.

Val has kindly sent us these photos from the March meet up in Birmingham. Thanks Val !

... and thanks also to Terena for these great photos from that same Birmingham meet.

Here are some great photos from the recent Oldham weekend, kindly sent to us by Val.

Els has sent usthese great photos of some of her friends who met up with some of David's band in London.

Will Devon ever be the same again ? Here are the photos from Jojo's 40th Birthday party from Frances and Jojo and Les.

At long last here are the photos from the mental Merryhill meeting at Jane Charnock's in November 2003.

Here are some happy memories of seeing David in London in November 2003.

The Chester meet up back in October may just be a distant memory so here are the photos of that great day.

At last, after all these months, here are the photos from Linda's DC get together.

Another month, another city. England takes a breather and Scotland feels the might of the barmy DC army. Click here for those latest Edinburgh photos. Och aye !!!!!

Here are Joanne Bennett's, Les Young's and Margaret's Leeds weekend photos.

Here are Les Young's and Margaret's photos from Sheila's 50th birthday party. A very hot night in South Shields, but a great time was had by all. A good selection of DC and PF songs was played throughout the night and our little DC fan group's karaoke rendition of 'I think I love you' was quite memorable !!!!
Has anybody seen these four desperados who were last heard murdering those PF and DC songs at Sheila's party ???

A beautiful sunny day sees the usual crowd descend upon Chester, yet again ... with the addition of two new girls from the Midlands, Jane and Gill !

Here are Les Young's, Julie D's and Margaret's photos.

Click here to see our latest slideshow. A day in Blackpool with pictures by Les and Joanne.

Sand, Linda, Jane, Lynn R, Les, Lynn N, Margaret, Louise and Joanne at La Tasca in Manchester. Click here to see the slideshow.

Here we go again, another of those infamous Chester get togethers.

Here are Margaret and Les Young's photos for starters !

... and now here are Sand's photos for your enjoyment !!!!!!

Madness and mayhem in Manchester - 8th and 9th November 2002.

Oh my god, the Cassidy girls are in town, will Didsbury, Manchester ever be the same again ?

Here is another round of photos from that memorable weekend in November in Didsbury, from Les Young.

Click here to see Linda's Didsbury photos.

This set of photos are from Friday the 8th, when the DC music was very loud, as was our singing and who could ever forget Lesley's pole dancing !!

The party continued on Saturday night, with a meal and the now obligatory David cake.

Here are yet more photos from Saturday night, sent to us by Joanne.

... and now even more incriminating evidence, these are from Carol.

... and even more from Julie !

The Sydney fans' meeting - October 2002.

Here is a lovely picture from the recent meeting of the Sydney fans in October.

A Dutch DC fan meeting - 5th October 2002.

Els has sent us these lovely photographs from the Dutch fan meeting.

A day in Edinburgh - 12th October 2002.

David made an unexpected afternoon appearance in an Edinburgh wine bar and these lucky ladies were there to each get a piece ... of cake that is ( of course ) ! If you look closely those drunken Chester girls even manage to make an appearance !

A day in Chester - 4th September 2002.

These pictures show what you get if you add 11 crazy DC fans, a sunny afternoon in Chester, England, good food and copious amounts of alcohol. If you look carefully you will notice that Margaret and Sand appear to be Cider bottle magnets !