This page is a celebration of David's 2004 tour.


Julie Rattue has sent us these superb pictures from David's Stowe concert. Thankyou Julie.

... and here are Sue Webb's (Smee's) fabulous photos from that memorable night. Thanks Sue.

... yet another set of brilliant photos from that wonderful night, this time from JaneC. Many thanks Jane !

MANCHESTER 22nd April 2004

Could it be possible that Margaret's skills with a camera are actually improving ? Judge for yourself with these photos from Davids April 22nd gig at the Manchester Apollo and, of course, thanks also to Carol.

... and here is another set of excellent photos from David's Manchester concert, thanks to Rose !

... and with thanks to Jane C, here is another set of stunning photos from the Apollo concert.

... here are more photos from that memorable night in Manchester with thanks to Karenbanshee.

GLASGOW 24th April 2004

We're kicking off the Glasgow section with these great photos with thanks to Rose.

... followed by Margaret's photos of that brilliant concert.

... and many thanks to Lynn for these great photos of that Glasgow concert.

... and thanks also to Jojo for these photos from that brilliant night.

BLACKPOOL 25th April 2004

Moving on to Blackpool here are Margaret's photos to get things going.

... and here are Jane Smith's superb photos of that Blackpool concert. Thanks Jane !

Here is a fantastic collection of Julie D's photos from Blackpool, Glasgow and Manchester.

Sue L has sent us these brilliant photos of that night in Blackpool. Many thanks, Sue !

... and here are Julie Cool's excellent Blackpool concert photos.

... thanks to Les for these stunning photos from David's Glasgow and Blackpool concerts.

NOTTINGHAM 27th April 2004

Now on to Nottingham with these great photos with thanks to Helena and Wendy.

Thanks to Sue W for these great photos from David's Nottingham concert.

... and thanks also to Sue D for these wonderful photos from that night in Nottingham.

... more great photos of David's Nottingham concert, this time with thanks to Les.

SHEFFIELD 28th April 2004

Sue W has sent us these great photos from David's Sheffield concert. Thanks Sue.

... here are Jane S's superb photos from those great nights at Nottingham and Sheffield. Thanks Jane !.

... here are more of Les's brilliant photos, this time from Sheffield.

MANCHESTER 30th April 2004

Here are Elaine's brilliant photos from David's Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield concerts. Many thanks, Elaine.

... and thanks to Val for these wonderful photos from that night at the Apollo.

BIRMINGHAM 1st May 2004

Now on to Birmingham with these wonderful photos from Debbie.

Sue D has sent us these amazing photos from David's Birmingham and Sheffield concert. Thanks Sue.

... and here are Lainey's great photos from that Birmingham concert.

... and now here are Julieae's brill NEC photos. Thanks, Julie !

... thanks also to Sue W for these great photos from Birmingham.

... here are yet more excellent photos from the NEC with thanks to Les.

BOURNEMOUTH 3rd May 2004

These fantastic photos from Lesley M start off our photos from David's Bournemouth concert. Many thanks, Lesley !

Here are Gerry's fantastic photos from David's Birmingham and Bournemouth concerts. Many thanks, Gerry !

Glyn (someone) has kindly sent us these fabulous pics from David's Bournemouth concert. Thankyou Glyn.

BRIGHTON 4th May 2004

Thanks again to Debbie for these superb photos from David's concert in Brighton.

... and here are Julie Rattue's fantastic photos from David's Brighton and Bournemouth concerts.

... here are more great pics from Sue Webb (Smee). These are from the Brighton concert. Thanks again Sue.

LONDON 6th May 2004

Here are Elaine K's brilliant photos from David's first night at the Hammersmith Apollo. Many thanks Elaine !

... these fantastic photos are from Les, thanks again Les !

LONDON 7th May 2004

Here are Rose's superb photos from David's second night at the Hammersmith Apollo. Thanks Rose !

Thanks again to Sue W for these lovely photos from David's second night in London.

... Les has done us proud again with these wonderful photos.

CARDIFF 8th May 2004

A big thankyou to Basia for these great photos from David's Cardiff concert.

... and here are Elaine K's excellent photos from that night at the International Arena. Thankyou Elaine !

... now for Les's wonderful photos from Cardiff, thanks Les !

... here are more fantastic photos from Glyn (someone), this time from Cardiff. Thanks Glyn.

Here are Julie's superb photos taken on that fantastic tour.