Welcome to our In Person pages.

This section of the site is for all of your photos and stories from those personal meetings with David.

If you would like to share any of your pictures on these pages then please contact us and we will be pleased to include them.

These superb photos were taken by Wendy at David's appearance at London's Hard Rock Cafe in November (2006). Thanks for sharing these !

... and here are Terena's photos from the Hard Rock Cafe. Thanks Terena !

Here are some great photos from Jane R of David's recent TV appearance in Australia. Thanks Jane !

Here are some great photos from Terena of the impromptu meetings with David in London on the 16th and 17th November.

Jim has kindly sent us these awesome pictures of his meeting with David along with some pictures of his amazing memorabilia collection. Many thanks Jim.

You can read Angie's recollection of her Meet and Greet with David at the Turning Stone casino in March 2002 by clicking here. How jealous are we ?

As if we aren't already jealous enough, here is Isobel's Edinburgh 2002 Meet and Greet experience.

Julie has also written this excellent account of her meeting with David before the Liverpool concert.

This is a brilliant account of how Amanda eventually got to meet DC.

This is so great!! Lesley G has very kindly let us share her review of her phone conversation with David at 5am on Australian radio!!!!! Good News for everyone girls!! Read on and share the sheer excitement of it all!!!!!

Well you've read Lesley's account of her chat with David, now read Gill's account as well. Two very lucky ladies!! Every time I read them both I'm right there with them!! Thanks to both of you girls for sharing this with us all.